Espace [IM]Media

Myriam Bleau

Silent Fictions

Downtown public spaces

Silent Fictions is a sound work that unfolds like an augmented reality piece that we discover through our progression through space. Our position, direction or velocity of movement determines the level of complexity of the work and the content of its various “musical” components. The elements of the sound composition are geolocalized and dispersed in space, allowing the participant to reveal and generate a musical piece in a spatial rather than temporal progression. The work is structured in such a manner as to move us from one concentric sound circle to another by interspersing – through sound – self-reflective content on the “blurred” nature of digital sound technologies in relation to the “reality” that surrounds us. It is also a question of highlighting the contrast between our perception of digital versus that of our immediate environment.

Evolving in a given space, but whose limits are more or less determined, we find ourselves in a form of conceptual mise en abîme where what is experienced is in some way stated in real time. Real and virtual worlds are challenged: constantly superimposed, they infiltrate us daily as much as we cross them. In doing so, this interrelation creates a recursive form of influence between us and our environment: Silent Fictions explores its limits. Are we able to recognize the contours of a space and perceive its porosity? What do the sound and space of our relationship to reality tell us?

//voice credit : Erin Gee//

PSI – Interactive Sound Walks

For the 5th edition of EIM 2019, two artists were invited to create interactive sound paths. These are audio experiences rooted in the real world. Video game tools – Unity and Wwise – have been used to create a virtual world parallel to ours in which artists have composed, arranged and installed sound elements that respond to the walker’s actions and movement. The user installs a mobile application on his “smart” phone (Android or iPhone) which mainly uses geolocation, as well as some sensors native to this type of device, to explore and interact with the different works.
In resonance with our highly connected realities, this series of sound paths offers three experiences, each reflecting a different perspective on the notions of presence, space-time and connectivity. Wherever we are physically, are we not always also elsewhere – whether through thought alone or through our multiple digital representations? What imprints – real and virtual – does our presence in the world reveal? By what underground mechanics do our slightest gestures and movements register the trails of reality?
It is by relying on the notion of “monitoring” that our devices, which capture at all times our locations, our speed, the recurrence of our routes, the places we visit and even our unique walking identities, and the implications raised by these issues, that artists have been invited to create these sound paths.

Version Google Play / EIM Parcours sonores :
Version App Store / EIM Parcours sonores :

The mobile application, as well as a headset, are necessary to experience the sound walks.
The application must be downloaded by WIFI before arriving on the sites — note that open access to the WIFI is available at Sporobole.

Myriam Bleau (QC-CA) – Silent Fictions (2019) – Sporobole ; stationnement sur Wellington ; parc Strathcona ; en haut de la colline vers la rue du Palais ; derrière la Cathédrale Saint-Michel

Steve Heimbecker (QC-CA) – SCAMP (2019) – Lac des Nations ; parking is located at the Marché de la Gare de Sherbrooke on Place de la Gare. To listen with SCAMP you can follow the lac des nations path by walking, running or you can ride your bicycle!