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Jean-Pierre Aubé

Du Mont Mégantic aux exoplanètes – live version

Granada Theater

Du Mont-Mégantic aux exoplanètes – live version

Jean-Pierre Aubé’s film is the result of a one-year residency (2018-2019) – with Sporobole and its “Interface” program – at the Observatoire du Mont-Mégantic, the iREx and the ASTROlab of Mont-Mégantic National Park. Du Mont-Mégantic aux exoplanètes is a three-step journey through all seasons: we start as close as possible to nature, we follow the mountain path; then we are guided towards the Observatory’s telescope, which already redirects us towards the sky and the stars, as far away as possible. From there, the tangible world shifts to the world of data and algorithms. The film is a journey and it carries within it an assessment: by developing passages from the micro to the macro, it brings to the forefront the spatio-temporal scales and their impact on our perception of the world.

The star towards which the film returns is called GU Psc. The scientists of the iREx have discovered a planetary mass that orbits it: an exoplanet whose distance from its star is 2000 times the distance from the earth to the sun, while the star itself is 1.45 million billion km from the earth. From where we are, it is a tiny point in the universe, one star amongst many others. This distance, in fact, is what allows us to measure the extent of our vertigo.

On the borderline between documentary neutrality and scientific objectivity, Du Mont-Mégantic aux exoplanètes questions the mechanisms of the gaze as well as those of the increasingly complex instruments used to collect masses of data. Monitored and analyzed, examined and processed, this data – with what it reveals and conceals at the same time – reminds us that the universe is constantly slipping away from us.